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Making music with brands

Marketing Unplugged is an innovation company that loves unplugged music and sneers at synthesiser music.  We think unplugged music requires real talent, real understanding of music and is unique, though sometimes messy. We think synthesisers are too much about process and science and not enough about music.

It’s the same with marketing. The process of marketing puts our focus on research, brand guidelines, market shares, share of voice etc. and in that process we forget about the music. Today, where almost every brand is plugged in to this one giant generator that runs on a fuel of complex marketing jargon. The output is not surprising – 90% of brands launched every year fail to create an impact.

At Marketing Unplugged we believe in unplugging, and making music through our brands, products and strategies. We are, in particular, against formulaic marketing and me-too strategies. We believe that businesses and their marketing need large doses of innovation, out of the box thinking and brave creativity, to discover their core.

We are not marketing consultants. We like to call ourselves Innovation Artists whose mission is to create brilliant marketing strategies and who will get paid only if we succeed. 

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