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Curated Articles From The Web

Jens Hainmueller: Will Consumers Actually Pay For Fair Trade?

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When consumers are asked in surveys to choose between fair-trade goods and the run-of-the-mill variety, most will say they prefer fair trade.

10 of the Dumbest Social Media Blunders Ever

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Companies are increasingly turning to social media to expand their Internet presence, promote their brand and engage with consumers. However, while social media is a powerful and effective tool, it can also generate a ton of negative publicity if used carelessly.

The Perils of Algorithm-Based Marketing

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If I told you this article was written by an algorithm (and you believed me), chances are you’d be creeped-out, suspicious of the content, and unable to muster much if any emotional response to it. That’s a natural response.

Annoying tech jargon to remove from your vocabulary

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We've all had to work with annoying colleagues — the foghorn who won't stop talking, the slacker who palms off his work on others, or the kleptomaniac who never returns your stapler. You learn to live with their little quirks.

CEOs' Uncensored Tweets And What You Can Learn From Them

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Whether they lean more toward humorous, hostile, or honest, executives are taking to Twitter to shape their message and their brand.

Defending Millennials : A Response to David Brooks, William Deresiewicz, and Anthony Kronman

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Though Baby Boomers may criticize Millennials for being self-centered, careerist, and politically dispassionate, they are really just adapting to the world they live in today.

'Thank You' in Hindi and English Mean Very Different Things

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In America, saying thank you is routine. In India, it can be insulting. I have been living in the United States for more than a decade, and I now say thank you about 50 times a day. Most of the time, I do it without thinking.

What Is a Business Model?

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In The New, New Thing, Michael Lewis refers to the phrase business model as “a term of art.” And like art itself, it’s one of those things many people feel they can recognize when they see it (especially a particularly clever or terrible one) but can’t quite define.

Personal Best

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I’ve been a surgeon for eight years. For the past couple of them, my performance in the operating room has reached a plateau. I’d like to think it’s a good thing—I’ve arrived at my professional peak. But mainly it seems as if I’ve just stopped getting better.

In Greek Debt Puzzle, the Game Theorists Have It

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That Yanis Varoufakis, the rakish Greek finance minister, would meet with senior European officials wearing a leather motorcycle jacket and open-collar shirt would probably have fascinated John F. Nash Jr.

The Happy Ecom Addicts of India

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You will also see boys and girls playing various games on their phones [the old tradition of elaborate system of card play with seats blocked for men who will join the gang at various stations I suppose still continues]. What is the latest game to hit Mumbai trains?

We Can’t Recall Logos We See Every Day: An Interview with Alan Castel

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The research: UCLA professor Alan Castel and his colleagues asked more than 100 students to draw the Apple logo from memory. Although many were Mac and iPhone users and most were reasonably confident they could accurately complete the task, only one person did.

What Maslow’s Hierarchy Won’t Tell You About Motivation

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At some point in their careers, most leaders have either consciously — or, more likely, unwittingly — based (or justified) their approach to motivation on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

If You Want People to Listen, Stop Talking

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George*, a managing director at a large financial services firm, had an uncanny ability to move a roomful of people to his perspective. What George said was not always popular, but he was a master persuader. It wasn’t his title — he often swayed colleagues at the same hierarchical level.

Why John Nash Matters

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John F. Nash Jr. is widely known as the subject of the Oscar-winning film “A Beautiful Mind,” but his contributions to the advancement of human knowledge are far greater.

Tesla’s New Strategy Is Over 100 Years Old

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Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb. Twenty or so inventors and labs had already come up with similar designs when he patented his in 1879. What Edison really invented was affordable and accessible electric light.

A Better Way to Map Brand Strategy

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Companies have long used perceptual maps to understand how consumers feel about their brands relative to competitors’ and to develop brand positions. But their business value is limited because they fail to link a brand’s position to market performance metrics.

The Modi Model and the Ambassador Sarkar

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May 25, 2014, was, effectively, the last day of the Congress-led UPA government. May 25, 2014, was also the day Hindustan Motors suspended/discontinued the production of its Ambassador cars.

The Piggly Wiggly way

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IN 1916 Clarence Saunders changed the face of retailing when he opened his first Piggly Wiggly supermarket in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Differences Between Northern & Southern Indian Food

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Inspired by conversations on the Food52 Hotline, we're sharing tips and tricks that make navigating all of our kitchens easier and more fun.

What Tesla and Apple Both Know About Entering New Markets

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Electric car maker Tesla recently seized headlines when it announced plans to enter the market for battery-based, power-backup systems for homes, businesses, and utilities.

This is how BMW became the top selling luxury car company in the U.S.

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This is how BMW became the top selling luxury car company in the U.S. In 1975, when Bayerische Motoren Werke AG opened its first dealership in the U.S., the German maker of sporty cars and motorcycles was barely known to American motorists.

Different View of India: Pictures of Indian cities you don't see in overseas media.

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In the western media, we often see only one type of Indian image. Crowded, dirty and polluted. The pictures would be often taken from random sewage canals and slums. The problem is that those underbellies exist in every part of the world. Shanghai can be like this or like this:


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BBC - History of Indian Mathematics Part-1 of 2

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Part-2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeJbR_...Marcus du Sautoy looks at the contribution of Ancient Indians like Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Bhaskara, Madhava, etc in the field of Mathematics.Programme: BBC - The Story of MathsPresenter: Marcus du Sautoy

Identify Blue Oceans by Mapping Your Product Portfolio

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This past quarter Apple once again crushed its earnings report. This despite Wall Street’s uncertainty since the death of the company’s founder and visionary, Steve Jobs. How has Apple managed to maintain its stock price and convince investors of its growth potential?

A Country Is Not a Company

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College students who plan to go into business often major in economics, but few believe that they will end up using what they hear in the lecture hall. Those students understand a fundamental truth: What they learn in economics courses won’t help them run a business.

How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free

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Because you can. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac One of the selling points of a Mac these days is the ability to run Windows software on it, via virtualization or Apple’s own Boot Camp.

Xiaomi, Not Apple, Is Changing the Smartphone Industry

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Determining which customer to target first is one of the most critical decisions in the entrepreneurial process. Customers that are relatively less risky and more predictable can make it easier for new to firms gain a market foothold.

Modern Asian leaders

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Makers of Modern Asia. Edited by Ramachandra Guha. Belknap Press; 385 pages; $29.95 and £22.95. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

What's Your Cultural Profile?

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Make Your Presentations Pop with These Free Tools

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These days audiences expect more from presentations. We want to interact, and we expect access to the presentation again afterwards. We also expect audio and video, not just stills.  Slides seem  to have become synonymous with bad presentations, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Taking to the Open Road

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Most people journey to Provence for at least 7-14 days to sample fresh produce, admire the beautiful scenery, enjoy the long and hot summer days, and generally adapt to the Provencal way of life.

The Lewis Model Explains Every Culture In The World

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A world traveler who speaks ten languages, British linguist Richard Lewis decided he was qualified to plot the world's cultures on a chart.

Where is the CMO in digital transformation?

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Digital is changing the world and chief marketing officers (CMOs) know it. They are embracing digital channels with fervor, but it’s time to do more, believes Accenture.

Cannes 2014: Coca Cola's Wendy Clark brings alive spirit of the ‘World’s Cup’, in real time

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Speaking to delegates at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2014 were two Coca Cola Company executives from the brand’s ‘war room’ in Rio, via Skype.

Strategy Is No Longer a Game of Chess

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Legendary strategists have long been compared to master chess players, who know the positions and capabilities of each piece on the board and are capable of thinking several moves ahead. It’s time to retire this metaphor.

How To Manage The Explosive Marketing Technology Landscape

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The line between marketing and IT is becoming blurred in many organizations.

State of Payments: Reinventing Money

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This post is part of a series in which LinkedIn Influencers analyze the state and future of their industry. Read all the posts here. If I had just two words to sum up everything that’s going in the payments industry right now, I’d pick “disruption” and “transformation.

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