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Albert Einstein said that the definition of Insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

In a Marketing Unplugged workshop, participants are exposed to the latest thinking from the world of academia. These new concepts combined with the experience of the team plus creative thinking tools often results in  real innovation. 

Marketing Unplugged workshops combine problem solving with training and result in action ready solutions.

Brief us about your biggest problems or opportunities and we will design a workshop suited to getting the best results for you. While training your people to become stars.

The new science of behaviour change is here. It changes the fundamentals of how we do marketing. This workshop uses the principles of this new science to solve your marketing and business issues.

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Most of us work for brands that are trying to challenge the dominance of a leader in our industry. The rules for challenger brands are different from that of leaders. This workshop helps evolve disruptive strategies that can help overcome the leader.

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Presentations are critical for the success of your people and your organisation. Why then are presentations often so boring? This is a workshop that applies the secrets of storytelling to business presentations.

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Brands that have a well defined purpose have been proved to do better than ones that don’t. It inspires your customers, your people and your partners. This workshop helps you discover your true brand purpose and apply it to your business.

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Competing in business is like playing a multi player chess game. Strategies have to be formulated in the context of how the other players play. This workshop helps you model the behaviour of your competitors and your own team.

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There is a conventional way in which the key players in your industry play. Is there an alternative way? This workshop helps you and your team innovate around your business model and thus disrupt your industry.

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There are several other workshops that we have done. And even more that we can do. Each workshop would be customised after understanding the problems and opportunities faced by your business. Modules are added to the workshop as needed.

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What is Marketing Unplugged?

Marketing Unplugged is an innovation company that loves unplugged music and sneers at synthesizer music. We think unplugged music requires real talent, real understanding of music and is unique, though sometimes messy. We think synthesizers are too much about process and science and not enough about music.

It’s the same with marketing. The process of marketing puts our focus on research, brand guidelines, market shares, share of voice etc. and in that process we forget about the music. Today, where almost every brand is plugged in to this one giant generator that runs on a fuel of complex marketing jargon, the output is not surprising – that 90% of brands launched every year fail to create an impact.

At Marketing Unplugged we believe in unplugging, and making music through our brands, products and strategies. We are, in particular, against formulaic marketing and me-too strategies. We believe that businesses and their marketing need large doses of innovation, out of the box thinking and brave creativity, to discover their core.

Our workshops and our consulting work are all based on the bedrock of innovation. Innovation inspired by some of the latest thinking in the world of business and marketing. Combined with creative thinking and insights from the real world.

What we do..

Marketing Innovation 

Clients contact us when they have a marketing problem or an opportunity. Whether it is about business growth, or launching a new brand, or re-staging an existing brands, or about entering a new market, or to talk to a new set of audience, we come in and add innovative thinking to the mix. Working long term with our clients, we guide the business on the path of innovation to help achieve business objectives.

Innovation Workshops 

Sometimes clients are looking for fresh perspectives for their businesses. Our innovation workshops are designed to open up possibilities and create new lenses to look at the business. With our innovative and creative tools, we are able to define new way of looking at the business and find new solutions.

Marketing Training 

Being in the know of what new is happening in the the world of marketing is critical for marketers. Marketers are too busy in chasing targets and doing the urgent that they do not get time to see what new things are influencing marketing. We read a lot and are inspired by the new wave of marketing thinking. We train and inspire marketers and brand managers to think in an innovative way to make their businesses grow.

Suman Srivastava

Suman Srivastava is the Founder and Innovation Artist at Marketing Unplugged. He is also the author of Marketing Unplugged: Spotting the elephants in the room.

Suman Srivastava enjoys doing new things. A graduate of Delhi University, IIM Ahmedabad and IMD Lausanne, he is an advertising man, strategist, author, marathon runner, teacher, social worker, sports fan, creative bartender and an entrepreneur.


The Book

Marketing is stuck in the sixties. That’s why many of the old ‘truths’ of marketing don’t hold anymore. These are the elephants in the room that people tend to ignore. It’s time to re-evaluate the classics.

Key Clients


At Mentoria, Suman’s nick name is MBM (Our Marketing and Branding Messiah)! Over the last 3 years, he's been phenomenal at guiding a young startup like ours in building a long-term, customer-centric brand. No matter what the problem (business or brand), Suman has an extremely unique and innovative approach to solutions. He's enabled us to reduce entry barriers at schools and corporates and sell more effectively, launch our brand, enhance our content experience, move towards solving our user stickiness challenges and more! He's also somebody who understands the limitations (resource and bandwidth) of a young company and still figures out ways and means to enable incremental growth. Any organisation would be phenomenally lucky to have an advisor like him. (Also, he makes an excellent coffee martini ;

Ashish Arora

When we approached Suman and the team of Marketing Unplugged to help us with the  branding and launch of our new Furniture Company, we thought we knew mostly everything that needed to be done and  required just a little professional advice and tweaking before launching. But as we sat and discussed our plans with the Unplugged team, they slowly, kindly, gently, peeled away all our assumptions, logically, systematically and knowledgeably  and guided us to ideas and  concepts that were sound, real and practical. They managed to probe, question and pry out our concept and revealed ourselves to ourselves! They assessed the brief with perspective and insight and with the full force of their experience they saw our aspirations to fruition. We never felt that they were anything other than our team, forthcoming and prompt always. Without hesitation, we gained immensely from our collaboration with Marketing Unplugged.

Nilofer Rustomji

Proprietor, Colonial Collections
Suman is a great mentor and partner. I have had the opportunity to work with him at Network18 as well as my own startup, Scatter. He has helped us achieve better monetization as well as trained our team on a variety of subjects regularly. Suman's vast experience and rich understanding of the marketer and consumer has sharpened pitches, target audiences and eventually brought our businesses closer to their goals.

Rajan Srinivasan

Founder & CEO Spiral Content Solutions
Marketing Unplugged conducted a workshop for the entire marketing team at Cargill Consumer Brands which was very well received. It contained several concepts that were new to us and also relevant to our marketing challenges. We then engaged with the team to help us implement some of the ideas for our key brands. I would highly recommend Suman for conducting workshops that are educational and solve problems.

Vikram Anand

Head Marketing, Cargill Consumer Products
The Workshop taught us that our brains can take us places we never thought possible. That’s where new ideas live. The creative quotient in the workshop heightened the amount of creativity we all were unlocking. This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left all of us inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways we could apply immediately! You provided new ideas for how to evolve individual creativity into creative collaboration.

Ashok Kumar Bhaiya

Chairman & Managing Director - Aludecor
Suman has been extremely instrumental in helping the team at Caratlane understand the process of brand building. I have personally benefited a lot from my Interactions with him. I would recommend them without a doubt.

Mithun Sacheti

CEO, Caratlane

A Snakes and Ladders Approach to Social Change

#ISDMMasterclass ~ To create lasting social change, we need to deeply understand the stakeholders with whom we seek to work. Join us for this Masterclass on ‘A Snakes and Ladders Approach to Social Change’ where Suman Srivastava , Faculty and Advisor at ISDM will introduce you to the Snakes and Ladders model for understanding...





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