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Read to gather knowledge.

Write to collate knowledge.

Teach to spread knowledge.


Hello. I set up Marketing Unplugged in 2011, with the idea of applying new marketing knowledge that was being written about in books, but hadn’t gone into general practice. For this, we need to read, write & teach. Later, I found an even greater need for these ideas in the social sector, and today, Marketing Unplugged is as involved with the social sector as the corporate sector.

Suman Srivastava,

Founder, Marketing Unplugged


Does the

social sector need marketing?

Marketing can help the social sector raise funds, create social change, advocate a cause and engage better with employees and volunteers. To know more, click here.


The Unplugged way to market your brand

Marketing, as a discipline, started over fifty years ago. Ideas that worked then are still in use today. It is time to update our knowledge. To know more, click here.

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