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Why is marketing

a bad word in the social sector?

Because the marketing techniques of the corporate world don’t work in the social sector. This sector needs its own methods of marketing. That is what Marketing Unplugged evangelises.


Why does social sector need marketing?

Every organisation in the social sector has at least two of the following needs: raise money, create social change, advocate a cause and engage with people. This book uses the principles of Nudge Theory to show how to fulfil these needs better. The book takes a storytelling approach, rather than an academic one, and is packed with examples from India and around the world. Read more.



Courses, Workshops & Seminars

Our purpose is to spread knowledge and evangelise the use of marketing in the social sector. Hence we offer content in a variety of formats, ranging from Seminars (1 to 2 hours), Workshops (1 to 3 days), and full courses (10 sessions of 2 hours each). Here are some indicative topics. 

This is the flagship program. In the full version, participants go through case studies on the social sector from India and the rest of the world that highlight how Nudge theory has been used to raise funds, advocate a cause, create social change and engage with people. Participants will lean the key tenets of Nudge Theory, and actually work on a live issue to develop their own behaviour change strategy.

This is a more focused version of the Don’t Beg. Inspire workshop. This goes into greater depth on how social purpose organisations around the world have used Nudge Theory to raise retail funds as well as funds from the corporate sector.

The social sector is very different from the corporate sector.
That is why branding strategies in the two sectors are different from each other. Participants learn about a model for creating brands in the social sector, with examples of existing brands. They will also work on exercises to define inspiring brands and strategies to bring those brands to life.

Good story telling is an integral part of building a brand and raising funds. How can a PowerPoint presentation be more like story telling? Participants learn how to write the flow of a presentation in story mode and get tips on how to design slides better. Finally, they learn to improve the delivery of their presentations by analysing videos of themselves along with the rest of the cohort.

Sharing & Learning

Some of the organisations that we have worked with

Cuddles Foundation
UnLtd India
Daan Utsav
Masoom Education
Sahyog Foundation
Under the mango tress
Give India
Muni Seva Ashram
United Way
CAF India
Nudge Foundation
Smile Foundation
Educate Girls
One Future Collective
Syamantak Foundation
Yuva Parivartan
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