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  • Suman Shrivastav

Conferences Unplugged: The 7 Basic Emotions At A Conference

Updated: Nov 12, 2021


At the long questions from the audience

At the long queues in the bathroom

At the small font sizes on the slides

At finding there’s no way out when a loo break is needed At your name being spelt wrong on your ID card

When the phone battery goes dead and you can’t tweet


For the notes takers

For the front benchers

For the over dressed girl

For the fake accents

For the ones who don’t keep the phones on silent

For the over enthusiastic i-am-a-questionnaire person


Of long boring presentations

Of not getting place in the back rows

Of eye contact with the speaker when he is asking questions

Of being caught sleeping during a post lunch session

Of meeting someone whose request you have been ignoring on Linkedin


At the poor goodies bag

At the guy who eats all the mints in the bowl

At the credentials presentations from the podium

At someone taking your chair when you went to the loo

At people burping (and worse) after the lunch break

At a tall man occupying the seat in front during an interesting presentation


At the free booze

At the end of the session

At bunking sessions for a reunion with old friends At finding an empty seat when getting in late

At getting a seat next to a lovely lady


At going back to work

When all the cream biscuits are gone from the coffee counter


At the delegate fee

When you turn up in jeans and find everyone else in suits When the morning session starts on time

At the number (or lack thereof) of people attending a session That people still call you ‘baldy’ even after a new hair transplant

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